Sunday, June 7, 2015


This actor/director is a A-list and his wife is B-list (maybe C-list now). You likely won’t hear an announcement for awhile (or until after his next contender comes out) but they have broken up and they’re heading for a divorce. She couldn’t take any more of his cheating, drinking and gambling. Jennifer Garner/Ben Affleck via

We just heard that this voluptuous star threw a major hissy fit last week! She thought that today was going to be all about HER. Unfortunately, another family member also had a big event coming up, and our star was resentful that they were diverting publicity and attention away from her. "This is ridiculous! This is supposed to be MY big day! Can’t they change their date?" No, they could not. The other thing she is secretly worried about is how her popularity will measure up. "She’d better not sell more magazines than me!" How dare anyone steal her selfish thunder!
Voluptuous Star: Kim Kardashian
Her Announcement: she’s pregnant
Other Family Member: Bruce "Caitlyn" Jenner
Her Announcement: Vogue cover and new name  via

This married A+ list celebrity who used to be an A list singer and a reality star back in the day, was her usual hammered self at an event this week. The only good news for her health wise is that she was so hammered she dropped the coke she was going to do all over the floor. Interesting sight watching a drunk try to wipe up coke off a bathroom floor with tissue before dumping it in the toilet. Jessica Simpson  via

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