Sunday, July 5, 2015


This former B+ list mostly television actress from a recently ended network show might not be having sex with her husband but it has not stopped her from hooking up with her boyfriend. Naya Rivera "Glee"  via

I’m hearing the producers of this upcoming blockbuster are close to recasting one of their key roles in future installments. "They’re not happy with the way it’s turned out," says one insider. "She’s not charismatic enough to be a movie star and she’s not talented enough to be an actor. She’s just lost between a movie star and the rest of the actors here." They weren’t saying that during filming, I’m told by a different insider who is in the publicity game. It’s only since they received reviews from impartial parties their tune has changed and they’ve considered prematurely terminating the actress from her lucrative contract. Emilia Clarke "Terminator Genisys"  via

A new breast job and nose job and it appears that this former A list singer turned reality judge is paying for it all by staying with the guy for a week who foot the bill. Then she will move on to her next weekly customer. Nicole Scherzinger  via

This SNL star might not make it through the summer to return for next season if he continues his party habits. The comic was doing coke and popping pills and washing it all down with booze at a party this past week. Bobby Moynihan  via

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