Sunday, July 12, 2015


Hold onto your hats, people. This blind will blow some wigs back! After Jenn and I conferred with each other we realized that not only do the reports we are getting individually, fit.... but we pieced together one of the craziest love triangles Hollywood has seen in ages. In fact, it's not really a love triangle but more like a love hexagon. I hope you can stay with me here as I try to dissect this and explain it best I can without getting the pants sued off me. Most of these people have been discussed in blinds many times before and as recently as this week. Here we go.... A List celebrity couple are getting divorced and we reported last year that it was inevitable and we also explained this week that the man in this marriage is in love with someone else. We'll call them, Jane and Brian. And... The family friend, who is now A List, still loves her and allegedly making his move. We'll call him, John. He was seen at another A List celebrity friend's 4th of July party without his wife. Let's call the A List friend who hosted the 4th party, Stacy. These two shared confidences and he told her how he feels about Jane. What's ironic? Stacy has secretly been in love with a man who is married to the woman Brian is in love with. We will call that A List Couple, Brenda and Rick. So, here's the rundown:
Jane wants John.
John wants Jane.
Jane and Brian are married.
Brian wants Brenda.
Brenda wants Brian.
Brenda and Rick are married.
Stacy wants Rick.
We aren't sure what Rick wants except to admire at his rock hard abs.
This year should be most interesting.
Jane and Brian: Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner
John: Jason Bateman (starred with Jennifer Garner in "Juno" and "The Kingdom")
Stacy: Sandra Bullock (had 4th of July party)
Brenda and Rick: Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds  via

Apparently there is not much demand for this former almost A- list mostly movie actress turned B list schlock queen in the Med this summer. The past two years have seen her drinking more, eating less and sometimes even falling asleep during sex while also raising her rates. Tara Reid  via

I’m not sure anyone ever figured them for a couple or would, but they did hook up once. This foreign born former A+ list mostly movie actor who is still a pain in the butt A lister and this A+ list singer/diva who sometimes does a group thing. After a show several years ago. She was married. He was in between marriages. BeyoncĂ©/Tom Cruise  via

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