Sunday, August 16, 2015


Whether you love or hate this Presidential Candidate, he certainly gets people talking. One of those people is a female journalist from a large media company. She had an affair with the married Candidate. She has been talking to friends and colleagues about how worried she is that the story of the affair will break nationally and ruin them both. Donald Trump/Gretchen Carlson   via

Yes, this celebrity totally set up her ex. She wants you to see him as a dangerous and unstable person so you won’t believe him if/when he spills a certain secret about her after their divorce. No, it’s not about her plastic surgery, paternity, or fabricated drama. It’s about her substance abuse problem. Khlo√© Kardashian/Lamar Odom  via

This B- list mostly television actress who is on that very hit almost television show and is no stranger to trouble, skipped a press event because she was so wasted on drugs. This is becoming such an issue that she might be killed off in the upcoming season. Taryn Manning "Orange Is the New Black"  via

These two singers are an unlikely new couple. He thinks she really likes him. He doesn’t know that she makes fun of him behind his back and is just using him to bolster her own career. Hopefully he’ll figure this out in time to refrain from getting a tattoo in her honor! Ed Sheeran/Nicole Scherzinger  via

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