Sunday, August 23, 2015


Someone from the family of this B+ list celebrity offspring needs to step in and cut her off from her current significant other. He is slowly killing himself and the longer she hangs out with him, the more likely she will end up dead too. Bella Hadid/Joe Jonas via

We don’t know why everyone is so shocked that this dark-haired actress has altered her appearance with some facial plastic surgery. In fact, she has had at least FOUR rounds of plastic (that we know of) since her classic TV show went off the air more than ten years ago! What you might find a bit surprising is that close behind in that tally is her best friend from the same show… although the bestie’s work has been MUCH more subtle! Courtney Cox/Jennifer Aniston  via

"A music video for one of my favorite singers was putting a call out for extras, and so I submitted myself. I’d never done any background acting on a video before, and I was such a fan, so I was excited! The call time was at dawn, so I was already completely exhausted, but still looking forward to seeing one of my idols in person. She had the reputation of being extremely nice, especially to her fans, so I figured this was going to be an awesome experience. "But when she got to the set, she had the biggest b*tch face ever. She wouldn’t look anyone in the eye, let alone say hello like a decent human being. I just couldn’t believe how she seemed to be. At one point, we all could hear her whining and complaining about something to do with her outfit and treating the stylist like crap. I understand that everyone, even celebs, can have tough days, but that experience poisoned me as a fan. Now every time I hear a story about her doing some sort of charity or ‘good deed’ for one of her fans, I roll my eyes." Taylor Swift via

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