Sunday, September 13, 2015


She was paid to beard for this former A+ list tweener for a year and this week she spent two nights with this former A list mostly movie actress turned everything but acting to make a living with A+ list name recognition. The former beard was paid very well and also is going to get a pretty big acting gig because of it.
A+ list tweener: Zac Efron
Beard: Sami Miro

Apparently this A list talk show host has learned no lessons. The married host was bombed out of his mind at a club and loved all the attention he was getting from women and got lots of phone numbers. Jimmy Fallon  via

This foreign born B list celebrity who is an offspring had sex with a producer last week to try and land a new job. Meanwhile she is telling the public she does not care whether she is on television or in the public eye. She just constantly lies whether it is about how much she relishes fame or her drug use or even what color the sky is. Kelly Osbourne/Harvey Weinstein  via

It has not been that long since the wife of this foreign born dual threat A list actor gave birth. Apparently she is pregnant again but considering how little time the couple spends together, there is also some doubt about who the father is. Benedict Cumberbatch/Sophie Hunter via

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