Sunday, September 20, 2015


This bubbly singer/actress has always been known as a bit of a ditz, but when she starts swaying and slurring in public, the first thing people assume is that she must be drunk. Not necessarily. While our girl loves her booze, she actually has a much more dangerous problem: prescription pills! However, she will NEVER admit to a drug problem. That would be much too damaging to her very valuable brand… and that brand is how she makes her living now. So her team will help her find a more acceptable excuse for her behavior. Glass of wine? Cold medicine? Something minor that can be easily brushed off and laughed about. Of course, it would be better if they spent less time thinking of excuses for her… and more time thinking of ways to intervene and convince her to go to rehab. Jessica Simpson (HSN appearance)  via

Everyone thought at the show it was a little tent area for this former tweener actress turned singer who had a pretty great week to change costumes or fix a costume if necessary. Nope. It was a place she would run into for a quick bump of coke if she needed it. She always needs it for any show before noon. Ariana Grande (debut of her first fragrance "Ari by Ariana Grande" at Macy’s Herald Square)  via

Earlier this week, this married B list mostly movie actress was hitting on a B list female singer who was A list as recently as a year ago. The B list singer was not feeling it and felt really pressured by the actress who was wasted on something and just would not take no for an answer to the point where the singer had to leave the club before she was scheduled to. Amber Heard/Kesha (The Roxy)  via

What C-list former tweener turned talk show host split with her fiancĂ© after he threatened to blab to the tabloids about her extra curricular activities which earn her some additional money? He won’t be talking anytime soon after her PR people paid him not to. Adrienne Bailon ("The Real")/Lenny Santiago via

This A list model turned host wants everyone to like her despite not being all that likable. She has been spinning a yarn about how she is having a tough time getting pregnant. She isn’t even trying, because she thinks it will kill her career but she wants people to think she wants to be pregnant. Chrissy Teigen  via

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