Sunday, October 4, 2015


This is a case where the PR team really needs to be careful. Our favorite foreign born singer/actress had her team talk up her new romance with a former A- list rocker turned live off my money and fame and not get arrested celebrity. Problem is she is also seeing a record executive on many of the same days her PR team says she was with the rocker. Rita Ora/Travis Barker  via

"Stroke my ass. She was dancing like a lump on a log and she was gonna be eliminated anyway. She probably had a reaction to some fillers she was getting for those duck lips of hers… quack quack! And yes honey, her partner was paid to keep his mouth shut. Furthermore, what moron let her bring her cellphone in the hospital to take a damn selfie? Girl, bye!" – B-list singer/reality star/host on a fellow contestant on that competition show. You think they hate each other? Kim Zolciak/Tamar Braxton "Dancing With the Stars"  via

This married permanent A++ list celebrity has been well behaved over the past six months, but even he could not pass up a chance to hook up with this permanent A list super model who always attends his charity functions. Bill Clinton/Naomi Campbell (Clinton Global Initiative 2015 Annual Meeting)  via

If you are a celebrity, or are rich, or can do her a favor, this former B+ list tweener turned bad actress will be your best friend. If you are just a fan though, she has zero time for you unless she is being paid. One of the more rude celebrities to fans right now. Victoria Justice  via

Desperate to keep her name in the tabloids in an attempt to recapture her A+ list mostly movie acting status, this celebrity offspring is going out on dates with a closeted former tweener who is mounting the kind of comeback she wants. Kate Hudson/Nick Jonas via

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