Sunday, November 1, 2015


Usually it is the two biggest stars in the film that travel together and the lesser stars divide up and conquer the rest of the cities on the globe. Not in the case of this blockbuster. As I told you previously, the two stars can’t stand each other so the main female lead is traveling alone throughout the globe. When absolutely required she will be on the red carpet with the A list male lead, but she hates him.
Movie: "Spectre"
Main female lead: Naomie Harris ("Moneypenny")
A list male lead: Daniel Craig  via

This former tweener who people forget was a tweener is on a talk show now and thankfully is not named Raven Symone. The other night she had her friends try and find her a guy but the only criteria they used was what kind of car a guy drove. If it didn’t cost over $100K they were not invited to talk to the host. Adrienne Bailon ("The Cheetah Girls") ("The Real")  via

Naughty Gossip caught a famous TV chef blowing up the bathroom, who didn’t wash his hands after he flushed. The chef who is no stranger to publicity, hasn’t opened a restaurant in a long time, but that hasn’t stop him appearing on TV to plug his latest food related project. It should be noted, that he wasn’t cooking the night we saw him at an event. However, isn’t washing your hands a habit for chefs? Jamie Oliver (Food Network Canada show, Jamie’s Super Food and brand new cookbook Everyday Super Food)  via

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