Sunday, November 29, 2015


At a recent Q&A, this A- list mostly movie actor came thisclose to coming out of the closet. The moderator really thought our actor was going to do it right on stage, but after inching open the closet, our actor rushed back inside. Jake Gyllenhaal  via

It only took a couple of days apart from each other to see this A list singer/part-time reality star cheating on his singer girlfriend. He told a woman that the relationship was all for show while he was hitting on her this week. Blake Shelton/Gwen Stefani  via

While most people look forward to going home for Thanksgiving, this actor is not one of them! He was overheard complaining to a friend that he was stressing out… over the food! He was going on about Thanksgiving dinner, saying, "It’s all brown! The turkey, the stuffing, the gravy, the rolls, the apple pie. Everywhere you look there are mountains of brown food. The only vegetable on the table is this canned green bean thing covered with cream sauce and canned onions. My mom even manages to make green beans brown! I eat a couple of plates of brown food and I gain ten pounds!" Guess he doesn’t want to ruin that action star body! Chris Pratt  via

With all of her bearding efforts failing and trouble making ends meet, this former A list singer in a group turned reality star is spending a week with a man on vacation for just south of six figures.Nicole Scherzinger (in the Maldives) via

This B list celebrity/model/offspring sure can pick them. She went from a coke head to a heroin junkie. Gigi Hadid/Joe Jonas/Zayn Malik  via

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