Sunday, December 13, 2015


One of the things I really dislike is how new celebrity mothers try to shame other mothers or "inspire" them that they can lose baby weight too. This A- list mostly movie actress made it sound like she was just a regular mom. Nope. 4 hour a day workouts, lipo, waist training and starving is how she did it. Zoe Saldana  via

Apparently things have not been as lovey dovey as they used to be between this A- list mostly television actor and his bff co-star, B- list mostly television actress. They have a long history together, but he has been hitting on anything that walks while on set and the actress thinks he is a completely changed guy from what he used to be. David Duchovny/Gillian Anderson "The X-Files"  via

We believe that this Hollywood performer has always been a liberal and a member of The Democratic Party. Always. She had an interesting conversation the other day about her choice for President. She was saying that she supports Hillary (Clinton). Then she said that she was scared of all the terrorist stuff and "What if they come to L.A.?" A little later she said, "If there is one more terrorist attack, what if I tell everyone that I voted for Hillary, but I actually voted for Trump? No one would ever know, right?" Right. Your vote is private. Your conversations? Not so much. Not Taylor Swift. Katy Perry  via

This A list comic actress is being super secretive about her weight loss, but she has had liposuction several times. The thing is, she is going around telling women to embrace themselves as they are and doing the complete opposite. Melissa McCarthy  via

You know that show on Thursday nights? The one with the former semi-tweener. Yeah, that one. Apparently he is the biggest diva going on any show or any network. I say this knowing that Jennifer Lopez is on a television show. The guy goes through an assistant a week and has three of them fetching and bowing at all times. Johnny Galecki   via

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