Sunday, January 3, 2016


Usually this former B+ list mostly movie actress turned pretty much failed television actress with a name that keeps her in the B range sticks to her quiet use of drugs and adult diaper fetish. Always at home. She never really makes a dent in the tabloids because she stays quiet and in the shadows. Dating a married man and doing so publicly or as public as it gets for her, is going to force her into the light which might bring all of her other secrets out too.   via

This former flash in the pan A list mostly movie actress who got that way by flashing, has seen a slowly steady decline to her career punctuated by well, not by much unless you count straight to on demand/DVD a career. But, hey she has another chance now on television. Anyway, not one to miss a chance to show you she is a perfect mom, she saw some cameras and snatched her kid from the nanny. Our actress then paraded him in front of the cameras before passing him back to the nanny and taking a separate ride home. Sharon Stone (leaving LAX)  via

She is just not a one man woman. The guy who broke up his marriage to have sex with this celebrity chef thinks it is true love and that she is being faithful to him after never being faithful to anyone. Nope. She is sexting another guy while she is away with the guy who thinks he is the only one for her. Giada De Laurentiis/Shane Farley  via

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