Sunday, January 24, 2016


#1 – This B list mostly television actor who is in a current movie is cheating on his A- list singer girlfriend with his co-star from the recent movie. The co-star is under the impression that our actor is leaving the singer. He is not quite ready to give up on that because the singer makes more money and our actor has expensive tastes.
Actor: Taylor Kinney ("Chicago Fire")
Girlfriend: Lady Gaga
Co-star: Natalie Dormer ("The Forest")
#2 – This A-/B+ list mostly television actress from a very hit new network show, threw her coffee mug at her assistant the other day because the assistant didn’t finish folding all of the laundry of the actress. Jamie Alexander "Blindspot"
#3 – This former A+ list singer turned recent reality star has had a bunch of financial issues. One of these days she is going to steal the wrong credit card number and the person won’t give her a break before calling the cops. Toni Braxton
#4- This foreign born former A+ list mostly movie actor has dropped down the list to A-/B+ list. He is still an A list a-hole though. He made his girlfriend find a woman he said was for a threesome and then decided to send the girlfriend on her way while he hooked up solo with the woman his girlfriend landed. Mel Gibson (born in U.S., but raised in Australia); Russell Crowe; Hugh Grant  via

This permanent A+ list singer/former A list mostly movie actress/former director is notorious for ditching cabbies without paying for rides. Whenever she is confronted she always tells the cab drivers they should be grateful she was in their cab. Barbra Streisand  via

Only this A+ list diva who is a permanent A list singer would have a personal wine holder. Our diva was out shopping last week. Trailing a few feet behind her was an employee carrying a bottle of champagne who would fill up the glass of the diva when it got a little low. Mariah Carey (Beverly Hills Rodeo Drive)  via

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