Sunday, February 14, 2016


You know that wedding this former almost A- list mostly movie actress attended last year? Yes, I am speaking of our actress turned escort. The wedding with all the drama? Yeah, that one. It turns out that our actress hooked up with the groom a couple of days before the wedding. Get this though. The groom has no shame about it an even sold the story to some tabloid in his home country describing the encounter. Lindsay Lohan (wedding of Lana Zakocela and Justin Etzin)   via

I can exclusively confirm that this miniseries has become such a hit that they are bringing it back for a full season. It’s a definite thing, bet on it. "The X-Files"  via

Do you hate your job? Probably not as much as these crew members who have to go to work everyday to work with this B- list mostly television actress married to an A+ lister. Jaimie Alexander is always going to be the worst, but this actress really is in the running for second. Jenna Dewan Tatum (Channing Tatum) "Supergirl"  via

This is bizarre… Whenever I post a blind item, I always try to check with multiple sources to see if it’s accurate and in this case I’m hearing contrasting things from several sources. I don’t ever want to mislead. As we always say, no one makes money off The Gossip Life – we just want to post the stuff we can’t post at work, so I’ll tell you what’s going on. I posted a blind item recently about a showrunner quitting his hit show because his company demanded another season. Another source, who has a history of being reliable and I’ve worked with, saw the post and emailed me to tell me that it’s a work and the series DOES end with this season, they just want the ending to shock you to your very core. This is turning into a saga of confusion for me and I have no idea what the truth is, so I’m just giving you what I’m being told by my sources. History of the saga: In December I was told that this hit series is going to end with the current season and I posted the item when we returned from vacation in Jan. About a month later, certain news broke and after a conversation I was given an update on behind the scenes politics that have changed plans and I let you know. Yesterday I got told this.
What is the show? "House of Cards"
What is the company? Netflix
Who quit? Kevin Spacey (he dies)  via

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