Sunday, February 28, 2016


Would you marry a woman your son had sex with first? That is what this D list celebrity is doing. Oh, you know what. Bryan Ferry did the same thing so maybe it is not that crazy in the musical world. Jeremy Bieber (Justin)/Chelsea Rebelo   via

This A+ list singer/diva has done some very strange things in the past. This one might top them all. Apparently our singer gets daily enemas to avoid having to actually use the bathroom. Oh, and might be the only person who also sips champagne while getting them. Mariah Carey  via

This foreign born A list mostly movie actor who now has a franchise, tried to hookup with this commercial actress turned reality star, turned you better have some money if you want to date me. Our actor never pays so he got turned down by the actress. Charlotte McKinney/Gerard Butler  via

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