Sunday, March 6, 2016


This A- list mostly television actor who has had hits at home and abroad but is known for his pay cable role gets extremely violent when drinking. His ex says she feared for her life when he was drunk because he would break bottles and then threaten her with the shards. Jeremy Piven/Kate Nardi  via

Hey, she is a married woman and if she wants to have sex with her husband at an event in a restroom where everyone can hear, then more power to her. It was the fact she was so wasted at the event and causing a scene that in front of everyone that made people so angry. Plus, she kept asking people to look at how big her breasts were in the dress she was wearing. She certainly has come a long way from that A-/B+ list goody goody singer from almost 20 years ago, turned reality star, turned really bad actress, turned celebrity. Jessica Simpson/Eric Johnson  via

The teen who is a former Disney star continues to roll out the gay boyfriend in an attempt to make the world think it is love. For such a young age, she is great at sleight of hand. While everyone is looking at them as the happy couple, she is actually hooking up with a very very wealthy studio owner. He is married, but she doesn’t care because the gifts and parts keep coming. Very expensive gifts. Some say he didn’t wait until she turned 18. Others say he didn’t even wait until she turned 17. Bella Thorne/Gregg Sulkin/Harvey Weinstein  via

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