Sunday, March 27, 2016


This OITNB actress was working one of her side gigs and talked her way out of being arrested when she dumped the remaining vial of coke out in front of the undercover cop who was at the venue and confronted her. Taryn Manning (DJ for H&M party in Toronto)  via

There she was again. On television talking about the evils of paps. This still married B+ list mostly movie actress with the recent box office entrant loves to complain, but she is the first one making contact to make sure they get photos of her everyday. She is also the one who gives "insider" tips to tabloids. Jennifer Garner ("Dr. Oz" show)  via

This former A list singer in a group is foreign born. She literally has only done singing in that group which is permanently A list despite their limited productivity the past decade. She told some friends the other night that after a date and sex with this permanent A list athlete that she turned him down for a second date because he wasn’t that good in bed. So, he started dating another singer in the band and got married. Emma Bunton/"Baby Spice" ("Spice Girls")/David Beckham/Victoria "Posh Spice"  via

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