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Help me out and get a candle

When this former A+ list singer turned A- list singer/part-time actress does not pay her drug supplier it sets off a chain of events where her drug supplier has to give his expensive things away to pay her debt. She never pays. If she finds someone to front the drugs, she never pays. She thinks you are doing what you should be doing since she is famous. Lady Gaga/DJ White Shadow  via

Must have been awkward for this foreign born singer from a singing family to perform in front of a man who used to pay the singer’s significant other to have sex. The singer probably doesn’t know. His significant other is AMAZING at keeping secrets from her past.
Former born singer: Enrique Iglesias
Significant other: Anna Kournikova
Event: Wedding of billionaire Mikhael Gutseriev’s son Said  via

This A- list mostly movie actor is definitely weight challenged. He hates losing weight but finally found a doctor willing to do lap band surgery. Now he has lost all the weight he wanted. I don’t think he understands he will gain it all back if he keeps eating and boozing at the levels he used to. Jonah Hill  via

The B+ list actress wife of this A+ list actor spent a lot of time trying to stop her husband from talking about his faith to some actor friends. She also tries to hide his politics. Hey, she hides her drugs from him, so it is all good. Anna Faris/Chris Pratt  via

#1 – This oft married, closeted A+ list mostly movie actor had a boyfriend as far back in high school. When that boyfriend decided to speak out about the relationship to a tabloid a decade ago he disappeared. No one has seen or heard from him since. Tom Cruise
#2- This former video vixen/model is still sleeping with her son. Stephanie Seymour
#3- I wish I could say it was an Easter Bunny costume, but it was actually a Donald Duck costume. This former A+ list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner wore it on set one time and groped twenty to thirty women while in the costume. He said he was just having fun and that since he also touched guys that the women should "get over it." Our actor doesn’t work much these days.
#4 – This foreign born B list mostly movie actress has a face you know, but maybe not the name. She had a franchise for awhile and is still seen in flashbacks. After a big break she is back. On the set of her new film she said that back in the day she worked on a horror movie. It had a sequel or two. Anyway, she said that an actor on the set went crazy and tried to kill our actress with a scalpel from the set. He managed to cut her twice before he was knocked down. She still has the scars.
Actress: Franka Potente
Franchise: "The Bourne Identity" and "The Bourne Supremacy"
New film: "The Conjuring 2"
Horror movie: "Anatomy" and "Anatomy 2"

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