Sunday, May 8, 2016


It turns out that this B- list actress who is hoping for a third installment of a Disney franchise was the other woman behind the split of this B+ list OITNB actress and her girlfriend. Don’t forget the other man who I already told you about.
B- list actress: Maia Mitchell
Disney franchise: "Teen Beach"
B+ list OITNB actress/girlfriend: Ruby Rose (Phoebe Dahl)
Man: Keanu Reeves  via

The ensemble of this legendary A-list show is iconic and distinctive, but the show-runners and producers of said show were desperate to add another cast member through its run. They tried with so many actors and actresses throughout the years, offering almost ten individuals guests roles as a trial. Why didn’t it happen? Did no one out of all the talent they tried work out? Absolutely not. There were several that they wanted full-time, but the cast would not let it happen. It was a clique of bullies, according to my insider. They protected each other and refused to allow anyone to steal the spotlight. If they weren’t manipulating situations to have actors fired, they were bullying them so bad that they felt they had to quit. "Friends" via

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 This B+ list actress is married. She went to the event solo and surprised a lot of people by being there and not with her husband. The surprise was even greater when she was spotted cuddling with another man at an after party. Candace Cameron Bure via

When she inevitably tries to sell you something which she will say is the reason she lost weight so quickly, don’t believe her. Two rounds of liposuction and multiple daily personal training sessions are the reason. Kim Kardashian via

#1- The most strung out in need of rehab desperately and I came to the Met gala blitzed out of my mind goes to this B+ list actress who is a celebrity offspring. Lily-Rose Depp
#2- The person who won’t be invited back aka Anna was ticked off goes to this A- list singer wannabe actress. Lady Gaga
#3 – I’m not sure how anything is even real on this A+ list reality star any longer. All that makeup she wears definitely hid the scars from the recent work done to her face. Kim Kardashian
#4 – The theme of the night certainly made it much easier to hide the track marks for this foreign born now solo singer. Zayn Malik
#5- The most interesting place to hide your coke award goes to this Academy Award winner/nominee who also sings. Or should it be the singer who is an Academy Award winner/nominee. Either way, the top of the prop he brought was the perfect hiding place. Jared Leto (cane)  via

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