Sunday, May 22, 2016


#1 – Do you remember the child rapist blind from last week? Turns out he once left a 14 year old handcuffed to a hotel bed for two days and would just use her when he was horny. He finally let her go when he found someone else he wanted more. Jimmy Page
#2- This getting towards permanent A list one named musician used to trade heroin for sex with this B+ list and fading one named singer.
#3 – This A list name recognition heavy metal drummer beat a woman at a bar because she wouldn’t service him orally right there at the bar. Tommy Lee ("Mötley Crüe)
#4 – This now deceased permanent A+ list comic/actor once sat on this now deceased all-time A+ list comic for an entire day when the latter wanted to use drugs after a couple of days being clean.Robin Williams/John Belushi   via

This A- list mostly television actor from a very hit cable show with now even more spinoffs got hammered with one of his son’s teachers after a parent event and ended up having sex with her in a bar bathroom. Norman Reedus ("The Walking Dead") (has a son with Helena Christensen born October 1999)  via

This A- list stand up comedienne/part-time actress/always thought provoking performed with this permanent A+ list comic. She got his number and won’t stop texting him. It is to the point where he is going to have to change the number he has had for a decade. Sarah Silverman/Will Ferrell (Los Angeles "Brady Bear Awards Gala")  via

This A+ list mostly movie actor didn’t have to go to bed with this A+ list mogul this time around. The actor is too big for that now, but he did have to kiss the ring so to speak during a recent visit to the mogul who got the actor his first big break in return for that casting couch time. Bradley Cooper/Ryan Murphy "American Horror Story" sixth season  via

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