Sunday, May 29, 2016


This actor is an Academy Award winner/nominee. Over the past decade he has really stepped up his charity giving game. Apparently he has a lot of money to spend on his charitable efforts because he uses a private jet for his charitable visits. Most of his visits are focused on one country. A country that shares a border with one of the biggest drug trafficking countries in the world. Huh. Our actor used his money and influence in the country he visits to get some very favorable concessions from the government. Apparently there are a couple of locations where our actor has set up "offices" for his charitable work. The funny thing is most of these "offices" are just a place where coke is processed by his workers. The coke is cut up and cooked for crack. It is then sold to the residents of this very poor country. Every couple of months our actor flies in to check on his workers, press the flesh and pass out some cash before taking a bunch of his cash home. Not all of his cash though. Nope. He needs to launder money too which is why our actor owns several stores in the country but the main funneling of his money is into a production company. Nobody knows how to move money around better than a Hollywood accountant. It plays by its own rules and is the perfect place to clean your money. Now if he could just get rid of some of his competition. Oh wait.
Actor: Sean Penn

Charitable effort: Haitian Relief Organization/"Offices"
Bordering country: Dominican Republic
Competition: El Chapo
Production company: "Clyde Is Hungry Productions"  via

This budding romance between this B+ list teen actress and the celebrity offspring of A list celebrities has hit a snag. It turns out our actress is a fairly big pot smoker. So, the parents of the offspring have slowed the roll of the relationship. They do not do scandal in their family. ChloĆ« Grace Moretz/Brooklyn Beckham (David and Victoria Beckham)  via

This A list superhero says he has not hooked up with any any women for quite some time because his most recent long time girlfriend gave him the gift that keeps on giving. He said she never told him she was a carrier of the disease. Google is your friend. Andrew Garfield ("The Amazing Spiderman")/Emma Stone  via

Well, apparently this foreign born actress/celebrity offspring has won the competition to be the beard for this A-/B+ list singer. Aww, our aging actress will be so disappointed. Lily Collins (Phil Collins)/Nick Jonas/Kate Beckinsale  via

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