Sunday, June 12, 2016


If you are an A+ list actor and you want discreet sex, the person to talk to is this married former A list mostly movie actor who still has A list name recognition. He knows everyone because of his side gig and has a list of men and women and he doesn’t even charge a fee for his services. Tobey Maguire (poker player)  via

This former tweener turned B list singer in a group has a new girlfriend. She almost died thanks to him. She was choking on her vomit after passing out from the drugs he gave her but he was too out of it to do anything about it. Someone came through the room to use a bathroom and saw her and saved her. Joe Jonas/Eileen Kelly  via

Wanting to keep her secrets intact, this A+ list singer is trying to make a deal with people suing her foreign born main ghostwriter who does a bit of A- list singing himself. She doesn’t want him to have to talk about his work under oath. No one knows she uses ghostwriters. Taylor Swift/Ed Sheeran  via

This annoying A- list singer is having some issues with her boyfriend. Considering he is the one who scores all her coke for her, and her addiction, she should be more concerned for their future than she is. She also treats him like crap when he is slow to come up with more coke. Ariana Grande/Ricky Alvare  via

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