Sunday, July 3, 2016


For someone who doesn’t have to do a whole lot to make the marriage look real, the wife of this dual threat foreign born A list actor sure does complain to her friends a lot about how much she is being paid each month. Sophie Hunter/Benedict Cumberbatch  via

It has been building and now apparently the time has come. Last month I wrote about the married closeted former A+ list rapper and his protege/lover. Well, this has caused the rapper’s long long time lover/mentor to cut off all contact with the rapper and does not even acknowledge his existence.
Rapper: Kanye West
Protege/lover: Ian Connor
Lover/mentor: Riccardo Tisci   via

Not losing weight fast enough to her liking after her pregnancy, this A+ list mostly movie actress has gone back to using coke. Coke makes her grumpy. Very grumpy. Don’t even think about saying hello to her. Anne Hathaway  via

This B list singer is on an A+ list label. Even though she has released some of her own recordings, she is on the label for one reason only. To write songs for the star of the label and keep her mouth shut about what her input is. If they want her to stay really quiet though, she should probably stop smoking meth. It makes her very chatty and very needy for new hits. She knows a LOT of secrets about the empire. Tori Kelly/Katy Perry (Capitol)  via

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