Sunday, July 10, 2016


#1 – This former A list television actor from back in the day who had a side gig that made him even more famous than the show on which he starred has been kicked off multiple shows the past few years for the way he has acted towards teen females on the shows. At this point, no one will hire him. Bob Saget ("Full House") ("America’s Funniest Home Videos")
#2 – This is how messed up this A list reality star from that reality family is. She supports her boyfriend financially and he cheats on her but she threatens to kill herself unless he comes back to her. Kylie Jenner/Tyga
#3 – This foreign born former A list mostly movie actor who reached that status as a tween continues to trot out the woman he calls his girlfriend while he drinks himself to death because he can’t face coming out of the closet. Daniel Radcliffe ("Harry Potter")/Erin Darke
#4 -The underage offspring of a permanent A lister made a sex tape with her much much much older boyfriend. If he keeps showing it to his friends, one of them is going to turn him in for child porn. Sofia Richie (Lionel)/Samir Nasri   via

While away from his wife, this A+ list singer/horrible actor spent several hours alone with this A+ list "singer" in her hotel suite. It would be crazy if they got back together. Apparently she was really animated after which is not her usual state. Justin Timberlake (Jessica Biel)/Britney Spears  via

This A- list mostly television actress on a hit pay cable show who won’t have a show for much longer has been the worst hotel guest ever on her recent vacation. All of her food she has ordered has been sent back at least once. Most of the meals have been sent back two or three times. She had staff install two extra room air conditioners just so she would be quiet about her coolness complaints. I don’t know how her boyfriend puts up with it. Lena Dunham (Jack Antonoff)  via

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