Sunday, July 31, 2016


This basically blacklisted actor still directs. He almost killed a former superhero though by giving him homemade remedies to try and break the former superhero’s drug addiction. A real doctor stepped in and ended up reversing most of the damage caused. Mel Gibson/Andrew Garfield ("Hacksaw Ridge")   via

It probably won’t be long before this 80’s heartthrob starts making moves on his offspring co-star, but for now, he really needs to watch out because she will get him hooked right back on drugs. Just ask the last boyfriend who barely escaped with his life.
80’s heartthrob: John Stamos
Offspring co-star: Emma Roberts (father/Eric Robers and aunt/ Julia Roberts)
Show: "Scream Queens"
Last boyfriend: Evan Peters  via

This A+ lister is married to another A+ lister. Their expenses are out of control and their latest projects have been more for love than money. Look for them both to do a couple of movies totally out of their realm to pocket some serious money. I guess when you spend $1M a month it catches up to you. Brad Pitt ("Fight Club" sequel) ("Brad’s Status")/Angelina Jolie (New Orleans home for sale)  via

What ponytail-obsessed star continues to wear her hair in that signature style because… she's going bald in the back of her head?! Ariana Grande  via

If you are a young guy looking to break into the record business and you get introduced to this A list mogul/wannabe rapper, do NOT go out for drinks with him unless you are prepared for what he expects from you after the drinks. Sean (P. Diddy) Combs via

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