Sunday, August 7, 2016


TEEN CHOICE AWARDS: This network star has not been in a blind item in a couple of months. Welcome back. Our B+ list mostly television actress won the most wasted person during the show award. Sarah Hyland "Modern Family"
TEEN CHOICE AWARDS: This former tweener actress who has had lots of trouble in her life got a golden chance but she is blowing it. The burned fingertips last night and heavy makeup to cover some marks on her face were the biggest clues she is still using meth. Jodie Sweetin ("Fuller House")  via

This A- list reality star skipped the birthday party of her reality star daughter because the reality star was picking up a paycheck to attend a birthday party of someone who was paying to have stars attend. Caitlyn Jenner (Kylie’s birthday) (son of the Sultan of Bruneivia

This made her fame as a commercial actress generally has an actor boyfriend. When he is out of town though she earns some money on the side. The other day at a Starbucks she was complaining because the guy she slept with kicked her out before she could grab her shoes and he wouldn’t let her back in the house. Apparently the shoes were worth about $2000 but she didn’t want to make a police report and explain why she was there. Charlotte McKinney/Stephen Dorff via

The biggest a-hole on a television set right now probably goes to this A-/B+ list mostly television actor on a very hit cable show with tons of Emmy nods. He argues with literally everyone and acts like a diva the entire time on set. Norman Reedus ("The Walking Dead"/7 Emmy nominations) via

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