Sunday, August 14, 2016


I’m not sure how this B list celebrity offspring of a permanent A++ lister managed to avoid being arrested. Multiple people saw her and her boyfriend smoking meth at a very public event. Malia Obama  via

Apparently there are some athletes who think this Olympic champion swimmer has been Armstronging and that their legacy will be tarnished when the truth comes out. The truth always comes out. Michael Phelps via

This Housewife thinks it is great her daughter will be yachting. She thinks it is much better than the escorting by the hour she used to do when she was just starting out. Yolanda Foster Hadid ("Real Housewives of Beverly Hills")/Bella  via

Apparently things are not going very well between this A-/B+ list mostly movie actress headed to court soon and her boyfriend. She straight up asked him to borrow several million dollars. He knows she would never pay him back and said the request was more like a shakedown. Amber Heard/Elon Musk  via

Even this producer/mogul wants no part of what the actress turned escort was offering. Maybe a decade ago. Our actress turned escort made it clear she was available to him, but the married mogul prefers women brand new to the industry. Harvey Weinstein/Lindsay Lohan  via

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