Sunday, August 28, 2016


Knowing her could definitely get you killed. Maybe even by her. If you were sleeping with her back when this happened, then you did end up dead. This actor was A- list when he died. He is probably A+ list in everyone’s memory though. He publicly had an actress girlfriend, but he was also regularly having sex with this at the time A-/B+ list singer/musician who also acted. The singer was married at the time. Her husband also ended up dead. The crazy thing is her husband introduced her to her lover because of their mutual friend who was an A+ list singer at the time. If you want to add even more spice to this whole thing, the singer, who is openly gay but was not at the time was having a fling with an at the time A list mostly movie actor who is still firmly rooted in the closet and still A list. That actor was having a fling with the boss of the now dead husband and spilling pillow secrets which almost got the dead husband dropped from the record label where he was signed.
A- list actor who died: River Phoenix
Actress girlfriend: Samantha Mathis
A-/B+ list singer/musician: Courtney Love
Husband who ended up dead: Kurt Cobain
Mutual friend: Michael Stipe
A list actor: Keanu Reeves
Boss: David Geffen  via

This former singer turned reality star turned actress has a new thing for one of her high paying clients. Apparently she is taking some hormones to produce breast milk for their games. Christina Milian via

This A+ list mostly movie actor got to blame scheduling, but the fact is he was forced out of a fundraising gig because of what is about to come pouring down on his head news wise. Leonardo DiCaprio (Hillary Clinton fundraiser) ($3 billion Malaysian embezzlement scandal)  via

The man who is second in charge of one of the world’s largest companies dropped close to mid six figures to hook up with this married A+ list reality star. It was the whole point of her trip. He has a place next door to where she is staying. Kim Kardashian in Mexico via

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