Sunday, September 25, 2016


#1 – This technically married now B+ list singer who was A list not that long ago has a new record out that has not done well. Recently it was her day with her child but didn’t show up. No one knew where she was until they saw a social media post that she was out of the country. Fergie
#2 – "I spilled some. You will just have to clean it. I have to go." With that, this A list reality star dashed out of her ride into the airport leaving a nice dusting of coke all over the back seat on floor.Khloé Kardashian
#3 – Just in time for the impending press tour of the second installment of this franchise is a 20 second video which shows the foreign born male lead sleeping naked in bed and a face pops in the recording which is definitely not his wife. Apparently that woman is trying to sell it, but there is no way to verify when it was shot. Jamie Dornan ("Fifty Shades Darker")
#4 – This A+ list mostly movie actor not named Brad Pitt is set to sit down with the FBI about some things within the next couple of weeks. So far, his attorney has kept them away, but can’t for much longer. Leonardo DiCaprio  via

This talk show host has tried acting but that didn’t work out to well for her. The maid who has been cleaning her hotel room the past few days says it looks like an entire rock group has been staying there instead of one person. Ashtrays filled every morning with bottles of booze and wine. Yes, even some leftover white powder on some of the tables. Chelsea Handler  via

It took about two weeks for this network reality star to hook up with his celebrity partner. I honestly thought it would take a couple of weeks longer. Amber Rose/Maksim Chmerkovskiy ("Dancing With the Stars")  via

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