Sunday, October 16, 2016


#1 – The lead actress on one of those crime initial shows is really going through a lot of personal issues right now because of all the pressure she gets from fans of the show about her former co-star and their vision of a relationship. Mariska Hargitay/Christopher Meloni ("Law & Order: Special Victims Unit")
#2 – I would classify this actor as B+ list, but that long running network show of his is starting to be a memory and he has not done much since it went off the air. Well, not much in front of the camera. Apparently he was hooking up with the nanny and when he broke it off, she decided to get even. Now things are very rough at home. Matthew Fox ("Lost")
#3 – This permanent A list mostly movie actor who was A+ list for a good solid decade is getting antsy. Even though his significant other lets him bring other men into the bedroom, our closeted actor wants a few months of 24/7 guy time so another significant other could be out the door soon. Eddie Murphy/Paige Butcher
#4 – Apparently this B list mostly movie actor who is trying to protect his future franchise is going to have not one, but two sober minders with him tomorrow night as he ventures out to a party. I wonder if his wife will be there or if he will be all over this B+ list mostly movie actress who has a brand new movie.
Actor: Joe Manganiello (Sofía Vergara)
Future franchise: Deathstroke ("The Batman")
Event: Mohegan Sun’s 20th Anniversary
Actress: Anna Kendrick  via

It kind of defeats the purpose of rehab if you go out every few days and meet someone who is bringing you more drugs. I’m guessing this singer was not the one who made the decision to go to rehab. Selena Gomez  via

#1 – This White House scandal was hushed up in a hurry several decades ago when big donors would be invited to bring their teenage boyfriends over to the White House and party. Conspiracy of Silence: The Franklin Cover Up
#2 – Not convinced that her biggest movie role will make her a star next summer, this very tall actress who is mostly television for the moment is thinking about being the beard for this former tweener/co-star. Zac Efron/Ilfenesh Hadera ("Baywatch")
#3 – When this daytime talk show needs ratings they fake some conflict between hosts. Fighting apparently gets ratings so they want to bring back all of their best fighters which would definitely be one big mess. "The View"  via

The TV host is known for being very funny, but he’s also known for getting it on with the beautiful women that come on his show as guests. "He visits them backstage after each taping in the dressing rooms and that is where the magic happen," sources tell NAUGHTY GOSSIP. "Each dressing room has drinks and snacks in them, but they also have condoms. Everyone in the business knows what he is like and pray that after the show they DO NOT get a knock, knock, on the door at the taping." He brags about having sex with two A-LIST guests, but everyone is sure that he has been with more! Jimmy Fallon (Nicole Kidman) (Gwyneth Paltrowvia

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