Sunday, October 30, 2016


When push comes to shove there are six guys who could, at least time wise, be the father to this reality star’s baby. Blac Chyna/Rob Kardashian  via

Definitely not appropriate was this former A+ list mostly movie actress for the briefest of times turned B lister with A+ list name recognition when she played a compilation of her nude and sex scenes for some friends of one of her kids. Sharon Stone via

Dear former A list singer with a very nice side gig from a celebrity family,
Next time you emerge from the bathroom, check your dress for white powder or wear something else. Goodness. Did you spill it on yourself?
Love & Bacon,
Jessica Simpson  via

This A-list actress found herself interviewed by the DEA after the death of a friend. Revelations included her 'former addictions' to heroin and cocaine, as well as her ongoing eating disorders. 'I thought she was high at the time,' says my source. 'Basic questions would get rapid, long-winded answers where she incriminated herself and several others. She's fortunate she's in the position she is or she would be in a state penitentiary.' Mary-Kate Olsen/Heath Ledger  via

This a list everything in her mind wants her co-star killed off because she hates working with him. Jennifer Lopez/Ray Liotta  via

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