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Dodge, dip, dive, duck, and dodge the IRS! After Wesley Snipes went down for tax evasion, this A-list actor got in touch with the IRS and admitted he hadn't been paying taxes for several years because he was 'confused' by the entire process. They worked out a deal and the IRS hit him with a 7/8 number figure, which he paid off without scandal. He must've been too dumb to hire an accountant, I guess. Vince Vaughn  via

If you are this celebrity offspring B+ list actress hoping for another season of your show who is also a frequent drug user, it might be best to actually move your still hot to the touch meth pipe from the center cup holder and put it in a glove box. If you did that, valets wouldn’t notice it. Probably. Oh, and the burn marks on your fingers are getting out of control. That is coming from me, and not the valet. I don’t think he noticed. The valets there that night all think you are a very good tipper. Emma Roberts ("Scream Queens")  via

LIFE ON THE ROAD! This month marks the 10th anniversary of the site, so each weekday in the big blind, I will do what everyone seems to like the most (other than shipper fans) and write about things that happened to me or that I was there to witness that you would find interesting. Many, like today, will be music related. I have seen some crazy things happen when a band or singer is on the road. These are the top 4 things I have seen and not yet told you about from bands or singers you could realistically guess. So, despite the goodness that abounds in stories about groups like Pavement or The Sundays or Ned’s Atomic Dustbin, they won’t find their way in here.
#1 – There was this now deceased former A list singer who had two women alternating orally servicing him while he carefully lit his spoonful of heroin, drew it into a needle and found a vein. He timed it so he reached orgasm at the same time the drug went into his arm. Rick James; Scott Weiland; Kurt Cobain; Michael Hutchence

#2 – This group used to be A+ list. The group still exists, but it has gone through so many changes, it just hasn’t been the same since the original breakup. Anyway, when the band got back together, they went on tour to support their first new record in awhile. They had a sold out show and the band didn’t start playing until three hours after their scheduled time. Reason? They were playing Monopoly. With real money. None of them trusted the other to leave the game alone while they performed so they sat there in their bus playing and drinking for three hours until the game concluded. They then went in to perform but were so wasted from drinking they lasted about 20 minutes before calling it quits. Van Halen; Mötley Crüe; Aerosmith; Guns & Roses

#3 – This singer was for the briefest of times A list. His story makes it in here just because the people that loved his group love this guy. A lot. Two great albums. The group made other records but people talk about these two. Anyway, I was at a show watching them play and the singer’s girlfriend, who of course was a model, kept motioning him to come to the stage where, apparently she was giving him tips and notes about his performance. This was happening every few minutes. Finally he walks over to the side of the stage, takes off his guitar and starts hitting her with it. She crumples to the ground and he gets in one more big swing before people tackle him to the ground. Oh, the band is still playing while all of this is going on. The girlfriend gets carried backstage. The singer grabs his guitar and goes back on stage and finishes the song after about the 10th time through for the band and acts like nothing happened. A month later I was asking the road manager about the girlfriend and if she was ok and what had happened. Turns out, two days after he beat her they got married.

#4 – I have seen some awful behavior by bands. Things that would make your stomach turn, but this British band is by far the worst when it comes to human decency. I will focus on the most well known member of the band. You all know who he is. If you have read gossip sites for any length of time, you know who he is. I was there with the band for just two days. Just two. This member we are discussing did the following over the course of the two days to groupies. a) Made a female teen take a handful of unknown pills and get naked before making her orally service three other guys before her chance with him. When she did get to him he slapped her and told her she was ugly and a w**re. Later, he found her passed out from the drugs he had given her. He spray painted the word w**re on her naked body. b) Made a male teen get naked and get peed on by multiple guys before our band member took a microphone and inserted it into the teen’s anal cavity. c) The forced ingesting of unknown drugs was common. Pills, smoking, snorting. The more innocent they looked, the more he would make them do. He said he loved getting people addicted. d) He made women have sex with other women or guys and guys have sex with other guys. His combination imagination was extensive. Jimmy Page "Led Zeppelin"; Liam Gallagher "Oasis"  via

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