Sunday, November 13, 2016


Previously I told you this celebrity offspring model used to run from drugs and now embraces them in an effort to stay thin. I guess she read it because now she is trying to come up with multiple excuses about how she got so thin. Bella Hadid  via

#1 – Before she became who she became, this now A list singer both solo and in a group turned reality star cheated on the boyfriend she wrote so many songs for. For three straight nights she hooked up with the lead singer of a band that sounded just like hers and would be a treat of a cat. Gwen Stefani ("No Doubt"/Tony Kanal)/Angelo Moore ("Fishbone")
#2 – This singer is one of the best and has an amazing voice To me, it is a crime she will always be remembered for something she wore. One night after a show we were talking and having a drink and a guy came up behind her and said something like, "I heard singers give great head." As he did this he was reaching around and grabbing her breasts. She screamed like only she can and bit his hand and then turned around and kneed him in the balls. It was over in like five seconds. Bjork (Swan Dress)
#3 – I have been instructed by this A list musician/singer/songwriter from a music family in a permanent A list group to never discuss anything we have ever done that may involve drinking, drunk trampolining, skinny dipping, road trips or buying fake i.d’s together. She said she would bring up my propensity as a youth to mix Boone’s Farm and vodka and that I used to drink wine coolers if I violated the terms of our agreement. So noted. Ann or Nancy Wilson ("Heart")  via

The last two women he hooked up with got hooked on drugs. Let’s hope this is not the case now that this former A list tweener turned singer has tried to stop using. I don’t think his new foreign born B list mostly television actress hookup could handle it. She isn’t like her older co-star who lives for lines of coke. Joe Jonas/Sophie Turner ("Game of Thrones") (older co-star: Natalie Dormer)  via


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