Sunday, January 29, 2017


#1 – This foreign born mostly movie actor who is really all movies because he thinks television and almost television is beneath him put two of his girlfriends in the hospital when he beat them. Another girlfriend never went to the hospital, but did get beaten on a fairly regular basis by the actor. He has never been fired from a movie, but he is never hired again by the same producers. Too many extras showing up black and blue after a night out with our actor. At some point he will kill one of his dates or girlfriends. Go ask anyone who knows him and they will say the same thing. Just a matter of time. Alex Pettyfer (feuded with Channing Tatum on "Magic Mike")
#2 – One of his girlfriends who is a former network actress on a now defunct hit show required two surgeries. One of them was the result of him slamming her face down on the plastic straw she was using to do a line of coke. She was supposed to wait for him. Dianna Agron ("Glee")
#3 – One of his girlfriends who is a current network actress on a fairly hit show also got sent to the hospital when they got into a drug fueled fight. Apparently he was openly hitting on one of her best friends. She yelled at him and he swung back and nearly broke her jaw with the punch. Emma Roberts ("Scream Queens")
#4 – This girlfriend who is a celebrity/actress/model never went to the hospital but had a black and blue back for two months after she walked away from him during a fight. He came up behind her with a wooden chair and smashed it against her back. Riley Keough  via

Strangest story of the month. This permanent A list singer won’t eat ice cream. She thinks it is fattening. Sure, she will drink four bottles of wine a day, but when it comes to ice cream she won’t eat it. With one exception. She likes being tied to a chair and forced to eat it. She will do this for hours at a time several times per week. It is a crazy story, but with her, you say to yourself, yeah, I can see that. Mariah Carey  via

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