Sunday, February 26, 2017


#1 – The people of this B+ list mostly movie actor who isn’t doing much since his franchise ended are blaming his A/A+ list actress co-star from that franchise for his current substance abuse issues and that she got him hooked. Josh Hutcherson/Jennifer Lawrence ("Hunger Games")
#2 – Trying for a spinoff reality show, this married reality star who everyone assumes is in the closet is trying to set his daughter up simply to make more money. He must know about the guy he is trying to set her up with though right? Todd Christely/Savannah ("Christley Knows Best")/NBA player Chandler Parsons
#3 – This former Disney actress is now on the cover of a magazine which is just basically one big ad for yachting season. I actually thought she already made her deal but being on the cover can double or triple your fee. Dove Cameron ("Galore")
#4 – Probably not the best way to keep your girlfriend happy. This former tweener turned B+ list group member yelled at his girlfriend during dinner. Not that whisper kind of yelling but full on yelling at his foreign born actress girlfriend. I think he wants to be single. He likes that much better. Joe Jonas\Sophie Turner  via

This former B+ list mostly movie actress who has all but disappeared since hooking up with this foreign born A+ list actor had a dress made for the Oscars. If she came though, then our actor couldn’t hook up with who he wanted so she is being forced to stay at home. Eva Mendes/Ryan Gosling/Emma Stone  via

Which OSCAR nominated actor has been getting TWO colonics a day to get skinny for the award show? The actor isn’t as young as he used to be and has been packing on the pounds. But after another male celebrity friend told him about colonics, he has become obsessed. He has been bragging that his insides are so clean that only water comes out now when he gets the procedure done. Hollywoods dirty little secret is that a lot of celebs do this before hitting the red carpet. But twice a day, 5 days a week – seems like a little much! Denzel Washington  via

The mom of this A- list singer who is mean to every one was bragging about her daughter buying her AMA win. That is not something you want to say too loudly or they won’t let you buy any others. Ariana Grande (2016 "Artist of the Years")  via

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