Sunday, March 5, 2017


It is going to be pretty tough to win that network reality show for this back in the day somebody when you are still doing lines of coke every day after rehearsal. Chris Kattan/"Saturday Night Live" ("Dancing With the Stars")  via

Apparently this former A+ list mostly movie actress turned A- lister who is a celebrity offspring could not pass a drug test right now to save her life and we aren’t talking about pot either. Plus, she will do anything to avoid talking about her social life so look for her to write a big check to make things go away. Kate Hudson (Ex Chris Robinson Files to Reopen Child Custody Agreement Over 13-Year-Old Son Ryder)  via

The other day I told you about this foreign born A- list mostly movie actress you all know agreeing to only interact with fans long enough for the studio to get photos of her interacting and then she blew them off. Yesterday, she told an entire group of fans that had been waiting for hours to see the former franchise actress that they should all f**k off. THIS is why the studios dislike her. She is constantly trying to tick off the people that buy her tickets. Emma Watson ("Beauty and the Beast")  via

This former A- list mostly movie actress turned B lister who stays that high because you all know it loves nothing more than to take a flask of booze out at Starbucks and use that as her cream. She has big problems. Kirsten Dunst  via

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