Sunday, April 16, 2017


Just a couple of years ago, this standup comic turned A list mostly television actor was the talk of the town. Then, he had some PR problems that really didn’t make it into the supermarket tabloids but that all of you knew. It turns out that for much of the past couple of years he has been quietly settling a bunch of potential lawsuits against him from women. Louis C.K. via

The ensemble of this B list show has fallen out. Not a single member of the main cast talks to each other off of set and although some are polite to each other when they're working, others simply do not engage. The show's lead gets the blame for the unhappy working environment, according to my source. He compares her behaviour to that of a medieval queen; demanding, rude, entitled and very quick to scream. Emma Roberts ("Scream Queens") via

This foreign born permanent A list singer/musician has cancer and is not expected to live beyond this year. Eric Clapton via

A source got in touch over the weekend regarding this A list couple. He claims that in a recent business meeting with them he was "astounded" by how intelligent she came across. "It was weird," he says, "because I would never have thought that before I met her." As for him? "Dumb as a rock," he laughs. "Unless he was talking about sports." Tom Brady/Gisele B√ľndchen; David and Victoria Beckham  via

Sometimes it's a compliment to be compared to a fellow celebrity. For example, Isla Fisher has spoken about how she's flattered by the comparisons to Amy Adams. It isn't in this case. This A lister hates how often she's been compared to Caitlyn Jenner to the point that she once told a fan to "fuck off" for uttering it. Hardly model behaviour! Cindy Crawford via

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