Sunday, April 23, 2017


This guy is probably a C list celebrity. He seems like he knows every celebrity from coast to coast because he does. Unlike most Instagram celebrities who are ignored by the rank and file, this one has friends from the very top to the very bottom. Everyone wants to know him because he gives you great deals on drugs. In return he takes pics with them and uses those pics to sell drugs at higher prices to regular folks. His regulars are frequent guests to this space for their drug use. He has a new conquest in mind who has not been in this space before. She is an A++ list celebrity no one even knew a year ago. Andrew Warren (Tiffany Trump)  via

I've heard rumblings of this rumour for years, but it's picking up somewhat in the past year or so, so I'm no longer dismissing it as an urban legend. This A/B lister continuously sleeps with underage fans of his, and often pursues the younger sisters/daughters of famous actors, models and executives. 'It's running joke for some to keep their daughters/sisters away from [name omitted] in Hollywood,' whispers a Hollywood nobody. 'A joke. It should be a f**king statement to the police.' 'If he wasn't handsome, then there would be a HUGE problem,' says another. Jared Leto; James Franco  via

Which Hollywood ex-teen star is following in the footsteps of celebs like Sophie Anderton and Anna Kournikova by getting paid to holiday with a certain sheikh in the Emirates? He's a long way from high school now. Zac Efron  via

A grandson of this permanent iconic A list legend of a singer/musician will contribute his own singing work for free as long as his collaborator is female and will sleep with him. Yes, even the A listers. Skip Marley (Bob Marley)/Katy Perry via

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