Sunday, April 30, 2017


#1 – The good news he is legal. The bad news for this openly gay A list director is that his much much younger boyfriend is spreading secrets about the director to anyone who will listen. Don’t even get me started about the orgy on the private jet. Bryan Singer

#2 – You know who hates her fans more than any other person hates their fans? This A- list singer who really really wants to win some type of acting award. She went on a 20 minute f word fueled rant about them the other day. Lady Gaga

#3 – Our favorite superhero actor who will sleep with any woman walking and is not named Ben Affleck apparently made one of his actor co-stars ticked off at him by trying to sleep with the significant other of the actor. He also tries to sleep with every female of the crew or any female that walks on the set he finds attractive. Not a popular guy on set. Henry Cavill

#4 – This B+ list celebrity host might hate that her own husband cheated on her multiple times, but she loves finding women who are the mistresses for her new project. I think she won’t find it as funny when she realizes some of those women she is counting on for a hit show also slept with her husband. La La Anthony (Carmelo) ("Goal Diggers")  via

This former tweener actress with her own show has done nothing really since it ended despite massive publicity efforts by her team. No one likes her plus she is not that great of an actress. She did tell this aging, if not old multiple Academy Award winner/nominee she would be willing to do the casting couch thing with him to get a part in his next movie. Victoria Justice/Sylvester Stallone   via

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