Sunday, May 14, 2017


This A-/B+ list mostly television actress just couldn’t handle being around her married ex/co-star so bailed on everything. Jennifer Morrison/Colin O'Donoghue ("Once Upon A Time") via

The last time this multiple Grammy winner/nominee had a hit record was almost five years ago. Even that was not huge. A hit, but not huge. You would never know it by the way she acts on this network reality show. It is as if Mariah had returned to American Idol. The demands are never ending and she is not very nice when they are not immediately met. She believes her demands should come first before anyone else. No one will miss her after the season. Gwen Stefani ("The Voice")  via

This still troubled former NFL flash in the pan who almost everyone knows at least by nickname is making some money pimping out friends. He has also been known to trade them for some coke.Johnny Manziel  via

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