Sunday, June 11, 2017


Out of her f**king mind on drugs was the most gentle thing said about this one named singer who has gone from A list solo and in a group to being an aging middling solo artist who thinks she is better than she is at an event yesterday. Fergie via

This tool of an actor who is probably B+ list and can be seen on almost television show is married. Did I mention he is a tool? He has one of the worst reputations in Hollywood and didn’t do anything to change it the other night when a woman turned down his advances and he called her a c**t. Danny Masterson via

This married former reality star turned B+ list singer turned wannabe full-time reality star had no problems sharing the fact she hit the casting couch hard to try and land this network reality job to which she is uniquely suited. Kellie Pickler via

Short, but very juicy. The foreign born lead singer of this former A+ list hair band from the 80’s has transitioned from a man to a woman. Basically only the band and family and management know. The decision was made by the singer to keep her transition secret for the next year until the band calls it quits. Joe Elliott ("Def Leppard") via

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