Sunday, June 18, 2017


#1 – The crazy thing is if you ask any of the staff anywhere he has been they all love the reality star turned A+++ lister. Who, they all hate is the rest of the family. No one had any kind words to say about any of the family. None. No, not even that one. Donald Trump/Ivanka

#2 – Considering this A- list mostly movie actor, who has a new movie opening, is bisexual to everyone but the general public, it is not a shocker he hooked up with this openly gay A- list singer. Chris Evans ("Spider-Man: Homecoming")

#3 – She was the highest paid yachter ever and I told you this before. Now, it is all coming out just how much this foreign born A list model was earning for yachting. I knew it was the high six figures per stay, but even I didn’t know it reached seven figures. That is mind blowing. Miranda Kerr

#4 – Oh, how it must suck to find someone new to sing the high notes. Our favorite drug addicted singer is losing one of the best imitators around because the imitator got her own well deserved deal. Selena Gomez/Julia Michaels  via

This B+ list actress/pro beard is apparently also available for a long term commitment from straight men who happen to be married. Specifically a very powerful politician. Olivia Munn via

This foreign born actress is probably A- list. Each movie she has made has pretty much bombed but she wants to be known for much more than that pay cable show which is ending soon anyway. Her current boyfriend slapped her over the weekend in front of several other people while out of the country. It was during this proper cocktail party where everyone was in formal dress. She left the party with a friend. The whole party was quiet for a minute or two. People couldn’t believe what they had just seen. "Game of Thrones" Sophie Turner /Joe Jonas via

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