Sunday, July 9, 2017


I once went to a party and this married A list mostly movie actress who had an iconic role on an iconic show was chain smoking cigarettes. One every five or six minutes. She was smoking where it was illegal. Her strategy would be to yell or argue or talk to the security guard who would tell her to put it out. The argument, yelling, conversation would last the amount of time it took her to smoke the cigarette. Must have done this a dozen times. Jennifer Aniston (Rachel on "Friends")  via

I once went to a party where I saw the scariest thing I have ever seen. This record label owner got turned down by a woman so he pistol whipped her to the ground and then held the gun to her head and pulled the trigger. It didn’t fire. He then raised it to the ceiling and fired it and it went off. Suge Knight via

This former tweener producer who got an A list tween at the time pregnant found a new way to molest young girls and teens. He started a YouTube camp where the teens pay money to get lessons from him on various things. During the lessons he has them change outfits numerous times and films them doing so. He also talks to them about any interest they have in acting and loves talking about sex scenes and those who are responsive he invites back to his place. Dan Schneider ("DanWrap") via

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