Sunday, July 16, 2017


Want to know why this A- list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee keeps pushing all these horrible products and questionable medical services? She gets 30-50% commissions. Gwyneth Paltrow via

#1 – To be honest, this A-/B+ list celebrity of a permanent A++ list celebrity had no idea the guy was just using her for a beard photo op. She would just tell everyone to come out. Paris Jackson/Trevor Donovan
#2 – The two most butt kissing tabloid sites/mags out there are actually in a war. Kneepads took a stand on a couple and the Kneepads of websites took a different stand. It is a war of competing publicists being played out in public.
People Magazine/pro Jennifer Garner
TMZ/pro Ben Affleck
#3 – What do you do when you are losing the fame battle to the rest of your family? Well, if you are this A list reality star you go to your old standby and get as naked in public as you can. It also helps to distract from the marital situation. Kim Kardashian (Kanye West) via

This foreign born married A list model certainly doesn’t need the money but misses the attention which is why she still finds time to hook up with very very rich men. Miranda Kerr via

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