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This foreign born B+ list singer who can’t decide about her sexuality has decided she loves meth and it has totally changed her appearance. Lorde via

This former almost two decade long A list mostly movie actress who doesn’t really act any longer has moved on to synthetic pot but her family still thinks she is all natural. With the amount she has been ordering, her family should be worried. Cameron Diaz  via

The wife of this permanent A list athlete where turning pro is not an option decided last minute to join her husband on a trip. According to the escort our athlete made arrangements with before coming to town, she got frantic texts and calls to not show up to the hotel. Michael Phelps via

A mutual friend said we should meet. To clear the air. An actress wanted to tell her side of the stories I had been hearing about her from others. She says she is not a pain to work with and that for the past year she has purposely not asked for anything on any set from anyone, yet the stories continue. She knows why. She blames it on a producer. A producer who has been featured on this site from almost the very beginning. Our actress says that even though she was the star of the show, it was in name only. When she landed the part, the producer never mentioned anything about sleeping with her. According to her it wasn’t necessary because he had a handful of actresses on other shows who were keeping him busy. All but one of them were underage. She suspected that because she was legal for almost the entire run of the show that he just was not that into her. At some point he did try and sleep with her and she turned him down. That rejection cost her a bunch of scene reductions. The next time she turned him down her personal appearance offers begin to dry up and she was even in fewer scenes. Meanwhile, the producer found someone else to sleep with who was also legal but loved to role play super young. She was getting the good lines and scenes. She was being offered crossover opportunities and new shows were being developed for her. The producer also started pitting the cast against our actress. If you wanted your career to succeed you took the side of the producer. If you wanted it to fail, you took her side. The producer started spreading lies about our actress. He did so regularly. When the show finally ended there was no one out there who was willing to hire her because of all the stories the producer had been spreading. So, when she did get work and asked for anything or was a few minutes late from lunch or whatever, the stories would start again and getting work even harder. The only work she really can get at this point are product endorsement deals and doing work for companies. No one wants to hire her for acting. No one wants her for pretty much anything. She says that even though her career has gone into the tank because she wouldn’t sleep with the producer, she doesn’t regret her decision. She points to another actress of a show he produced. That actress slept with the producer and his friends and it didn’t help her career at all. She is hoping that people will start to pressure the producer to let up on the comments and that other producers will give her a chance. She just wants to work.
Show: "Victorious"
Actress: Victoria Justice
Producer: Dan Schneider
Loved to role play super young: Ariana Grande
Actress slept with the producer and his friends and it didn’t help her career at all: Jennette McCurdy  via

This isn’t going to surprise you one bit. This B lister, who is a regular in Sam’s trash watch, visited a clinic in LA recently and allegedly discovered she had an STD. She wasn’t shy about screaming down the phone about it. Bella Thorne (Scott Disick via

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