Sunday, August 6, 2017


#1 – She might be pregnant, she might not be pregnant. One thing is certain though. The "girlfriend" of this foreign born A+ list athlete is sleeping with one of the same men as the A+ lister.Cristiano Ronaldo/Georgina Rodriguez
#2 – This out of work B+ list actress/writer is hanging out not doing much. Recently she went off on a rant on a company. It turns out, the company looked at security camera footage which covers an immense number of angles. Although, they company couldn’t be sure the incident didn’t take place, they were sure the actress was not where she said she was located. Not anywhere near it.Lena Dunham (allegations of transphobic employees at NYC airport)
#3 – Makes sense that this racist homophobic YouTube star is joining with the foreign born racist rapist YouTube star. Jack Jones/PewDiePie
#4 – I love the lies this back in the day A- list singer has been telling this week about his sex worker confrontation. He knew exactly what he was getting into so to speak because the one named always broke rapper has been bragging about the sex worker for a year. Bobby Valentino/Shauna Brooks/Tyga  via

This former network reality star turned singer turned actress probably hasn’t told her latest boyfriend about the guy she was making out with this week who also was not her co-star who she also hooks up with from time to time and has been told he is the only one. Katharine McPhee/Nick Harborne via

This former A+ list singer who would like to be doing anything other than touring this year is trying to get pregnant so she will have an out and have her insurance kick in to pay for the cancellation of the tour. Lady Gaga via

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