Sunday, August 20, 2017


This collection of actors who are covering up multiple rapes by one of them is really worried about that television show starring one of their former members they can’t control. So far the show has stayed silent on the rapes, but the actors know it is coming.
Collection of actors: Scientologists
Rapist: Danny Masterson
Television show: "Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath - What Went Down: Victim Blaming"

The good news is this permanent A list singer doesn’t take hours to get ready any longer to go out. The bad news is she doesn’t take hours because she is usually whacked out on some combination of pills and booze. Mariah Carey  via

This permanent A list singer who has definitely had some negative publicity issues as of late didn’t let them stop him from his "mentorship" of some college aged men who are willing to hook up with him for help with their career. All the men are found by this former A list producer. Usher/Jermaine Dupri via

This alcoholic/drug addict A- list reality star is spending about $1500 a day on his coke habit. Granted that Disney actress does snort a lot of it too. Scott Disick/Bella Thorne via

This former B+ list mostly television actress is struggling to find work since that hit ensemble network show went off the air. When someone asked her about the A- list comic/actor she was dating for a bit, she said he refused to give her any money so she stopped dating him. She said she is "strictly play for pay." Naya Rivera ("Glee")/David Spade  via

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