Sunday, September 10, 2017


You know what no one ever mentions? That this A list news anchor on a very very popular cable channel right now left his wife to be with his at the time fellow host on the same channel. You know what else no one mentions? That the now departed host was also hooking up with another married guy at the same time but managed at the time to escape the fireworks of his divorce. At the time.
Channel: MSNBC
A list news anchor: Lawerence O'Donnell
Fellow host: Tamron Hall
Other married guy: Jesse Jackson, Jr.  via

Don’t tell the co-host, but the plan is to replace her with one of the contestants from this season. Erin Andrews ("Dancing With the Stars")/Vanessa Lachey via

Whispered behind the scenes in this latest hospitalization for a celebrity who is frequently hospitalized is that one of the mothers of his children has been poisoning him. Lil Wayne via

All of us know by now this A- list singer wants off her tour. She should have learned from recent stories in the press though that she should be kicking the coke habit because there will be drug tests. That recent episode is not going to help. Katy Perry via

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