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This permanent A list singer is not even the most famous singer in her family. Close though. Anyway, she is spending big big bucks to get some revenge. I really love her for this. She has several detectives following this A list singer/sometime actor and they caught him cheating. So, our permanent singer is slowly leaking that out and everything else she discovers. This really is glorious. An old wound has recently been reopened which is what led to this. Janet Jackson/Justin Timberlake  via

#1 - One of the more famous incidents of an actress stealing a role was documented on the site about 7 or 8 years ago. It got the at the time A+ list actress who stole the role an Academy Award. What is never mentioned about that role stealing is that the actress who was A list back in the day the role was stolen from had already slept with Harvey a handful of times to land the role. Hey, at least she has that hit almost television show and a gif that will last forever.
A+ list actress: Gwyneth Paltrow
Role: "Shakespeare In Love"
A list actress: Winona Ryder ("Stranger Things")
#2 - She swears she never slept with Harvey. I have known her about as long as any actress of any significance. I believe her. She has never been A+ list but has been A. Very tall. Oscar nominee/winner. I have written about her a lot. She said that Harvey had nude scenes of her spliced together and also other actresses. He would sit in his office and watch them on a loop and then have sex with actresses while the loop of the actresses played in the background. Uma Thurman
#3 - Almost tied with the amount of time I have known #2, is this actress who is also an Academy Award winner/nominee and was A+ list at one point. Just like #2, you all know her. She told me that whenever she had a meeting with Harvey when she was just getting started he would make her sit in his lap and if she didn't respond he would grab her breasts and start thrusting. Patricia ArquetteRenee Zellweger
#4 - Yes, this A+ list mostly movie actress who is a multiple Academy Award winner/nominee slept with Harvey and sent him pictures that were hacked. Jennifer Lawrence
#5 - No, this A- list mostly movie actress married to an A+ lister did not sleep with Harvey. He wanted to but she couldn't go through with it. Yes, she did sleep with the A+ list mostly movie actor/director while he was still living with and married to his actress wife. Blake Lively (Ryan Reynolds)/Ben Affleck (Jennifer Garner) via

Remember that A+ list politician I told you about before? The one who had the tryst in Florida? Yeah the closeted politician. Well, in the past week he was in the midwest and got to see someone he has not had the chance to see in almost a year. They used to meet once a week when the wife of the politician would go play bridge. This time the politician had to meet with him during a two hour break in the schedule which had originally been listed as a meet and greet with local politicians. There was never going to be a meet and greet but it gave a nice space for them to see each other. Apparently there was only some touching. Nothing sexual. Our politician doesn't want to take that chance. The other man has moved on and shared this with a couple of people probably thinking it wouldn't get out. He was wrong. Mike Pence (Indianapolis International Airport) via

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