Sunday, November 5, 2017


This alliterate flash in the pan former A+ lister dumped that crazy religion of hers back during the peak fame days when she caught a guy pleasuring himself while she was supposed to be unburdening so to speak. When she complained, a person there said it was her fault and that she should plan on signing up for $100K worth of courses to make up for it. Sharon Stone (Scientology)  via

This former A list athlete/reality star has been running low on cash. No deals and no endorsements. He makes a few bucks here and there for appearances. His long time girlfriend who is a barely there celebrity has been hooking up with very wealthy, very old men to make ends meet for the couple while they hope for a reality show. Ryan Lochte/Kayla Rae Reid via

Despite doing way more for music and the world during an event this year, this A- list singer who is not always the most friendly person was denied an award. Why? Well, unlike the winner of the award our A- list singer wouldn't sleep with the guy making the ultimate decision and the winner did. Now, the A- list singer wants to speak out about it, but her management team won't let her.
Award: "Billboard's 2017 Woman of the Year"
A- list singer: Ariana Grande
Winner: Selena Gomez

The A list television personality might want to watch his step. Since he's an established bully among other things, trying to badger others on TV might not be the best choice right now. There is one person in particular who is waiting for an opening reveal all about him which will open the floodgates for others. Get that popcorn ready. Matt Lauer (Anne Curry)  via

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